Bubble Film Machine

HLGP Bubble film machine can produce high-quality bubble films with consistent thickness,excellent transparency,and superior mechanical properties. The edge materials are 100% recycled to achieve zero waste.


Using low-density polyethylene (LDPE) helps reduce plastic waste and minimize negative impacts on the environment.
Automated production reduces labor costs and improves overall cost-effectiveness.
Excellent mechanical properties and durability provide effective protection for products during packaging, reducing damage during transportation and storage.
Offering personalized packaging solutions for optimal packaging effects and economic benefits.


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Product Advantages
Why Choose HLGP Bubble Film Machine
Adjustable thickness option
The thickness of each layer can be adjusted by PLC control of extrusion volume and machine running speed.
More details of materials used, longer service life
The whole machine uses a row of parties, more stable operation, more uniform quality of film. Mold using 2311 mold steel, not easy to deform, longer service life.
10 inch ultra-high definition large display screen
Contents: Compared with the common 7-inch display of other manufacturers, HLGP displays more contents and is easier to operate.
Product Service
Meet Your Bubble Film Production Needs
Size can be customized
HLGP's bubble film machine can customize the size of the bubble film according to the customer's needs, the finished product bubble gap is more dense, the gap between the bubble and the bubble is usually 0.8-1.2mm, which is denser than the bubble film of the peer.
Production process accompanimen
In the whole process of production of HLGP's bubble film machine for customers, we will keep the communication of each process to ensure that the customer's needs, we support remote video confirmation, and welcome customers to come to the company to inspect.
Strict Bubble Film Machine Production Process
High-End Components And Demanding Processe
Our commitment to quality assurance encompasses every detail of our production, from the sourcing and inspection of raw materials to our stringent process control measures. Learn more about the specific measures we take to maintain our stringent quality standards.
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