Stretch Film Making Machine

Stretch film plays a crucial role in logistics and packaging. Stretch film making machine can efficiently produce film products with stable quality, save labor costs and production time, have high production flexibility, and effectively reduce energy consumption.


Produce large quantities of stretch film quickly and continuously to improve production efficiency.
Adopt optimized extrusion process to minimize raw material consumption and achieve cost savings.
35 years of experience in plastic extruder processing, certified and patented by multiple international authoritative certification agencies.
Provide door-to-door production guidance and worker training services, free online guidance.
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Product Advantages
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High machine efficiency
The stretch film production equipment is designed for fast operation with a maximum speed of 200m/min and a maximum output of 400kg/h, which ensures efficient production and high throughput.
More details of materials used, High energy-saving efficiency
T-die material using 2311steel: It is 150% harder than 45# steel。HuangYan Inner heating T-die:Energy savings of up to 30% compared to traditional T-die
Hydraulic changer
Quickly switch filters in 2 seconds,non-stopping the machine
Product Options
Customizable options for stretch film making machine
Realize your multiple needs
The Wrap Film Rewinder offers automatic rewinding into smaller rolls and slitting capabilities, providing high efficiency and versatility in packaging operations.
Optional bubble rollers size
The larger the size of the bubble roll, the average cooling effect increases by 50%.
Product Service
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Long History and Experience

32 years of machine manufacturing, all kinds of possible models, world wide market basements. Which allows us to be always ahead of infos, we can answer most of your questions, demands, and satisfy your requests. Knowledge comes by time. Hualiang’s knowledge is a legacy of three generation

Most professional manufacturing

Choose machine standard from Economic to Super Speed models. Make all by self from Machine rack to T-Die and Chill Rollers.

Select Electrical parts from Chinese to imported brands. We believe quality first but clients must be satisfied, and based on this we slow grown up with our”Hualiang” way of machine making.

Most important parts we make by ourself to ensure delivery time and quality, and we have most contracted suppliers for other parts to ensure aftersale services.

Best & Most Completed Team

From design, purchasing, quality control, manufacturing to sales, after-sales service, installation, training and market feedback collection, we require a quick response within 24 hours! Every step of the way, our professional technicians provide you with the best service to ensure that you have the right partner to run your business.

Production Process Accompanimen

In the whole process of production of HLGP's stretch film making machine for customers, we will keep the communication of each process to ensure that the customer's needs, we support remote video confirmation, and welcome customers to come to the company to inspect.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Stretch Film Making Machine
Q: How efficient is the film manufacturing machine in terms of production speed and throughput?
A: The stretch film production equipment is designed for fast operation with a maximum speed of 200m/min and a maximum output of 400kg/h, which ensures efficient production and high throughput.
Q: Are any features or technologies employed to reduce energy consumption?
A: Of course, the machines are equipped with energy-saving T-Die and motors, and our own technology has been developed specifically to reduce energy consumption
Q: Is the machine easy to use and operate?
A: The machine is easy to operate and use, we will send engineers to the customer's country to teach, teaching completion of a person can operate two machines
Q: Can the machine consistently produce high quality wrap-around film?
A: Of course, our machines specialize in high quality production, producing films with five times the stretch and puncture resistance features.
Q: Are there quality assurance processes or certifications related to machine output?
A: CE certificate and ISO 9001 Certificate
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