3 layers ABC 1000mm Co-extruded Stretch Film Making Machine for hand-packing

Product features:

Working speed:100-120m/min

Production capacity:150-180kgs/h

Thickness of Film: 8~50 microns

Screw L/D ratio is 34:1

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Max Speed
3 or 5 layers 1000mm Co-extruded Stretch Film Making Machine
3 or 5 layers 1000mm Co-extruded Stretch Film Making Machine
3 or 5 layers 1000mm Co-extruded Stretch Film Making Machine
3 or 5 layers 1000mm Co-extruded Stretch Film Making Machine
3 or 5 layers 1000mm Co-extruded Stretch Film Making Machine
3 or 5 layers 1000mm Co-extruded Stretch Film Making Machine
Product Description Main Technical Parameters Product Highlights
Product Description

1. Automation and Energy Efficiency:

Imported automatic dies and energy-efficient motors ensure low energy consumption and high automation.

2. Material Flexibility and Cost-Effective Formulas:

Utilizes multi-layer co-extrusion technology, providing flexibility in raw material usage.

Offers cost-effective formulas to meet diverse customer needs.

3. Formula Precision and Labor Cost Reduction:

Auto dosing and mixing system enhances formula precision.

Reduces labor costs and ensures consistent product quality.

4. Film Cutting and Roll Changes:

Latest winding system allows instant film cutting and quick roll changes.

Reduces waste and overall costs.

Weightless automatic dosing system ensures formula accuracy, contributing to labor cost savings.

5. Cooling System:

Cooling roller with a major diameter and special flow for efficient cooling under high-speed production.

6. Stable Extrusion:

Professional screw design, gem treatment device, and air-cooling heating contribute to stable extrusion.



Main Technical
No. Item Specs
1. Model:


2. Industrial Power Supply 380V
3. Total Power 120 KW
4. Main Raw Material LLDPE, LDPE (few) & MLLDPE
5. Thickness of Film 12~50 microns (minimum thickness can be 8 microns)
6. Width of the Useful Film Maximum width: 1000 mm
7. Film Layer Structure

ABC three layers

8. Designed Linear Speed


9. Extrusion Output


10. Dimensions (L×W×H) 7*3*2 M (for reference only)
11. Gross Weight 5500kgs (for reference only)
Product Highlights
Hydraulic changer:
Quickly switch filters in 2 seconds,non-stopping the machine
Optional T-die material: Germany 2311steel /P20H:
It is 150% harder than 45# steel
Optional Huang Yan Inner Heating T-die:
Energy savings of up to 30% compared to traditional T-die
Optional cooling rollers size:
The larger the size of the bubble roll, the average cooling effect increases by 50%.
Screw L/D 34:1:
-Large screw L/D increase extrusion production by 20-40%.
-Can use 100% recycled material
Online recycling:
The Machine can Simultaneous 100% recycling of the edge materials,achieve 0 waste.
-Advanced anti-interference technology /high reliability
AC Contactor Brand:SIEMENS
-Advanced protection and control circuits
Inverter Brand:KEWO
-The whole machine adopts AD1000
-High performance, High reliability and low noise.
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Customer cases
August 15,2023
In the online recycling stage, the waste edge is lighter than the granular material, which will result in the uneven feeding of the screw.    Customers are the designated suppliers of Coca Cola and have high requirement for product quality. Therefore, they ask us to solve this problem.
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