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Ruian Hualiang Machinery Co.,Ltd.(HLGP) originated from Zhejiang Jianda Machinery Co., Ltd., as the " first air bubble film equipment manufacturer" in Wenzhou, is currently committed to the research and development and manufacture of air bubble film equipment, stretch film equipment and other plastic machinery, and has applied for a unique appearance patent.
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HLGP is committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective bubble film machine, stretch film machine,and plastic-free coating machine.
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● We have obtained international certificates such as CE, ISO9001 and so on.

High-quality manufacturing standard for you to produce better bubble film and winding film equipment.

● The service life of the whole machine is 2-3 times higher than similar products.

Vast Experience And Expertise

● Over 35 years of experience in bubble wrap manufacturing.

A wide range of machine models can be produced.

● Global presence, keeping abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

● Answering your questions and meeting your needs in a professional manner.

Matched Manufacturing Excellence

Wide selection of machines from economical to ultra-high speeds.

Individual manufacturing of all accessories, including racks, T-Dies and cooling rollers.

● All electronic contactors are Siemens branded.

On-time delivery and superior quality guaranteed by superior machining and manufacturing capabilities.

Exceptional and Comprehensive Team

● Optimal service from initial consultation to after-sales support.

Rapid response within 24 hours to meet your needs.

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Latest News
04 Jul 2024
Stretch Film Making Machine is a specialized industrial equipment used to produce stretch film, which is a highly stretchable plastic film commonly used for wrapping and securing palletized goods during transportation and storage.
25 Jun 2024
Bubble film machine, also known as bubble packaging machine or air cushion machine, is a machine specially used to produce bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is a packaging material composed of evenly spaced, raised, air-filled bubbles. Due to the cushioning properties of bubble film, it is widely used to protect fragile items during transportation and handling
29 Dec 2023
Bubble wrap can be compounded with other materials to increase its performance and functionality. The following are some common composites of bubble wrap.1.Aluminum Film Composite Bubble FilmAluminum
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