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Focused on quality, innovation,and technological excellence
Ruian Hualiang Machinery Co.,Ltd.(HLGP) is committed to providing superior quality products, manufacturing and exporting the best quality machines in the industrial protection equipment industry, thus gaining high acclaim in the market.
We are the first manufacturer of bubble film machines in Wenzhou,With more than thirty years of manufacturing experience, at present, we are committed to developing and manufacturing bubble film equipment, winding film equipment and other plastic machinery. TWe have concentrated our production resources into the bubble film industry, which is more professional in the whole chain of products.
Our Vision
Our Vision:To become the most trustworthy and
HLGP focuses on improvingproduct quality, using strength to create a good product brand.and striving to provide users with the highest cost-effective bubble film machines and stretch film machine.
Establish a sound technology and product innovation system
Customer centric,meeting customer needs
High Quality
We manufacture efficient and robust stand-alone equipment
Quality control is something that HLGP has always been doing. Currently, we have obtained over 20 product patents.We implements a rigorous and excellence-seekingattitude, continuously conducts product research and development, andcontinuously improves the performance of bubble film machines and stretch filmmachine.
Our History
View our fast-growing development history
HGLP always adheres to the development philosophy of "quality first" in our development, deeply cultivates product technology development, pays more attention toproduct performance.

In 1985, as a township enterprise, we contracted some government infrastruc ture projects, which grew slowly and  took shape.


In 1987, it was transformed from a township enterprise into a private enterprise and began to engage in plastic machinery production. The first equipment is a plastic granulator.


In 1989, it began to produce wire drawing machines and renamed Ruian Longshan Plastic Equipment Factory.


In 1992, it moved to a new plant area of 1,300 square meters, with a building area of 1,500 square meters, and was renamed Ruian Jianda Machinery Factory. In the same year, we began to produce laminating machines and plastic sheet machines.


In 1993, we began to produce paper cup machines.


In 1995, we began to produce polyethylene bubble film machine.


In 1997, the market demand for bubble film machines gradually increased, and our business began to prosper. According to the demand, the composite bubble film machine is launched, which is upgraded from the original 2 layers to 5 layers bubble film, and has excellent shockproof performance.


In 1998, we tried to export for the first time through foreign trade companies, opening a new journey of export trade.


In 2001, the factory was relocated for the second time, covering an area of 4000 square meters, and the output doubled accordingly.


In 2002, our composite air bubble film machine passed CE certification (with other equipment) successively. In the same year, we began to participate in the canton fair , and every year thereafter.


In 2004, due to the demolition of the old plant, our factory was relocated for the third time, covering an area of 6,000 square meters. The output also continues to increase with the market demand, especially the sales of bubble film machine


In 2006, we successively developed epe foam machine and stretch film machine, with stable sales. In the same year, we purchased 15,000 square meters of land and began to build new factories. Since then, we have entered a period of rapid development


In 2007, it obtained the right to import and export by itself and participated in the K show for the first time. It is the top exhibition in the plastic machinery industry. Our air bubble film machine, sheet machine and plastic cup machine have been sold all over the world.


In 2008, our products have been sold to more than 50 countries on six continents. In the same year, we moved to the new plant area of Rui'an Economic Development Zone and officially changed its name to Zhejiang Jianda Machinery Co., Ltd. This is our fourth move.


In 2009, we maintained the momentum of rapid development. Following the investment attraction of the Shaoxing government in Ruian, we established a branch in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province - Shaoxing Bozhou Machinery Co., Ltd. In the same year, we began to participate in China International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition, and have participated in it every year since then.


In 2010, our company designed a high-speed stretch film machine, with the actual production speed of more than 150 m/min.


In 2012, the branch Shaoxing Bozhou Machinery Co., Ltd. was built, and the laminating machine project was officially put into production. It currently has more than 200 employees.


In 2014, our stretch film machine was designed as an ultra-high-speed model, with the actual production speed exceeding 250m/min.


In 2017, the actual production line speed of bubble film machine broke through again, reaching 45m/min.


In March 2018, based on feedback from Indian exhibition customers, we developed an economical laminating machine to meet the needs of massive products and avoid wasted investment. This model was successfully launched in June 2018.


In July 2018, in response to the environmental protection needs of the international market, we developed and produced experimental application models of biodegradable materials such as PLA and TPU, and successfully produced products.


In December 2022, for the better development of the company, Hualiang Machinery was born, focusing on the special research and development and promotion of high-speed bubble film machine and high-speed stretch film machine.


In January 2023, the non-plastic coating equipment project will be launched. Please look forward to it.

Our Global Coverage
Sales market coverage worldwide
HLGP has exported bubble wrap machines and other machines in many countries and regions such as USA, Russia, Australia, Italy, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Middle East countries, Southeast Asian countries, South American countries, etc. Our industrial protection equipment has played an important protective role.
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