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HLGP specializes in the supply of plastic products machinery such as bubble film equipment, wrap-around film equipment, etc. With more than thirty years of experience in the production of bubble film machines, our products can ensure that your production runs at the optimal level!
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Bubble Film Machine

HLGP Bubble film machine can produce high-quality bubble films with consistent thickness,excellent transparency,and superior mechanical properties. The edge materials are 100% recycled to achieve zero waste.


Using low-density polyethylene (LDPE) helps reduce plastic waste and minimize negative impacts on the environment.
Automated production reduces labor costs and improves overall cost-effectiveness.
Excellent mechanical properties and durability provide effective protection for products during packaging, reducing damage during transportation and storage.
Offering personalized packaging solutions for optimal packaging effects and economic benefits.


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Stretch Film Making Machine

Stretch film plays a crucial role in logistics and packaging. Stretch film making machine can efficiently produce film products with stable quality, save labor costs and production time, have high production flexibility, and effectively reduce energy consumption.


Produce large quantities of stretch film quickly and continuously to improve production efficiency.
Adopt optimized extrusion process to minimize raw material consumption and achieve cost savings.
35 years of experience in plastic extruder processing, certified and patented by multiple international authoritative certification agencies.
Provide door-to-door production guidance and worker training services, free online guidance.
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Plastic Free Coating Machine

This Model is designed for 1Meter Width Paper for Precision Coating of Water Base Bio Glue. Mainly used in food packaging application and cup/bag/tray forming application ...

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HLGP Service
Unmatched Manufacturing Excellence

We provide a range of machines at varying prices and speeds, Our in-house manufacturing capabilities cover everything from machine racks to T-Die and Chill Rollers,and reliable electrical components from trusted suppliers. Our focus is on quality, timely delivery, and maximizing your investment value.

Unmatched TEAM

Our team of professionals provides the best service from initial consultation to after-sales support. We understand that a quick response is crucial, so we guarantee to meet your needs within 24 hours.

Unmatched EXPERIENCE Excellence

With over 35 years of experience in machine building, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide range of models. Our global presence allows us to stay on top of the latest information, answer your questions, and fulfill your needs.

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