Prioritizing high-quality standards, quality control is our top commitment.
Our quality assurance extends from the strict use of raw material components, management of process requirements, surface detailing, and finally to the delivery process, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained throughout the entire process.
Uncompromising Usage Standards
Quality is often reflected in the details, which are closely related to the components used in our products. The quality of the components we use ensures that our products have complete traceability, using our machines to provide the best production experience for our customers.

All electronic
components contactor for Siemens

Standard 2311 German
imports, not easy to deformation

Each wiring inside
the machine has to do detailed marking

Adoption of high-precision turbo-screws for more efficient production

We Guarantee The Highest Quality: from every
step of the process
The raw material is 100% recycled material
The raw material is 100% recycled material Adopting 34:1 screw, it can produce 100% recycled material, which can effectively reduce the material waste generated in the production process and bring higher cost efficiency.
High temperature control standard
HGLP adopts Changzhou Huibang temperature control instrument, optional RKC and Omron Our temperature controller can automatically sample and instantly monitor the ambient temperature through the temperature sensor, control the return difference, etc., and realize the temperature overrun alarm as well as the runaway trip function.
Fine processing
Screw use 12-15 days nitriding treatment, long service life, good plasticization effect Peers in general nitriding treatment of about 7 days
each machine satart-up commissioning
Every day before a device is shipped through the engineer's 3 major steps to test
zero weight start-up, check whether the equipment automation program is normal, check whether the equipment hardware is abnormal or abnormal noise
formal start-up testing to ensure normal production of the machine without quality problems (to provide machine start-up video, or customers to the company inspection)
Check whether the finished product produced by the equipment is qualified
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