What Materials can be Laminated With Bubble Wrap?

December 29,2023

Bubble film machine (Air Bubble Film Machine) specializes in producing bubble wrap, bubble wrap can be compounded with other materials to increase its performance and functionality. The following are some common composites of bubble wrap.


1.Aluminum Film Composite Bubble Film

Aluminum film layers can be added to bubble film to form aluminum film composite bubble film. This structure gives the bubble film better thermal and acoustic insulation properties, and is suitable for applications that require thermal or acoustic insulation, such as construction, refrigerated containers, and so on.



2.Foam Composite Bubble Film

Bubble film can also be laminated with other foam materials (e.g., foam polyethylene) to improve its cushioning and shock resistance. This structure of bubble film is usually used to package fragile items to prevent damage during transportation and handling.



3.Paper/Kraft paper laminated bubble wrap

Laminating bubble wrap with paper or kraft paper increases the strength and rigidity of the bubble wrap, making it more suitable for some applications that require sturdier packaging.



4.PE film / coated composite bubble film

bubble film surface can be coated to increase its moisture resistance. This composite structure makes the bubble film more suitable for the need for moisture-proof packaging occasions.



5.Anti-static composite bubble film

by adding anti-static material in the bubble film, can form anti-static bubble film, used for packaging of static-sensitive electronic products and other items.


6.Coating composite bubble film

Special coatings are added to the surface of the bubble film, such as UV-resistant coatings, scratch-resistant coatings, etc., to increase the weather resistance and durability of the bubble film.


These composite structures give the bubble film additional properties that make it suitable for different applications. The type of bubble film composite chosen usually depends on the specific packaging needs and application scenarios.


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